Because of the huge demand that we have been receiving in the past few months from people who want to cycle Vietnam, we have specially put together a tour, by bike, which will give your group an incredible view of Vietnam. Below you will find a trip which is going to be completed by a group of Irish cyclists from the Blazing Saddles Club, who are going to start in Ho Chi Minh City and cycle to Hanoi. The whole trip will take three weeks and will be totally organised by us. Each day a report on the tour will be put on the website, with photographs from the tour. Each evening a buffet will be ready for the cyclists when they arrive at their end point for that day. A special service car will follow the group and a set of reserve parts will be available to all participants who need them. The bikes are going to be purchased in Vietnam and then donated to Mama Tina's, which is an orphanage for homeless children here in Vietnam, run by the Irishwoman, Christine Noble. Now if you have a group of people who would like to do the same or something similar, contact Steve (Steve@orient-tours.nl) who will fill you in on all the possibilities available to you.

Here is a description of the Irish Cycling Club Tour

vietnam cycling

Day 1. Arrival and transfer.
Day 2. Day trip to Cu Chi tunnels….120 km total round trip.
Day 3. Free time, short tour of city..40 km.Visit to Mama Tina's project in Saigon.
Day 4. Saigon-Phan Thiet….nice resort for just one night only…
Day 5. Phan thiet-Ca Na Beach: 135 km. After all this hard work, relax at the nice settings of Ca Na 
Day 6. Ca Na-Nha Trang…164 km.
Day 7. Nha Trang-Tuy Hoa 121 km…Some small passes, road gets a little tougher.
Day 8. Tuy Hoa-Quynhon 130 km…Last 40 km through new coast road..excellent.
Day 9. Quynhon-Quang Ngai 176 km..long day quiet flat but road is tough.
Day 10. Quang Ngay-Hoi An 121 km. Road gets a little better.
Day 11. Rest day....we ccan visit the famous tailor's shops of Hoi An today .....we are also situated close 
to beach.
Day 12. Hoi an-Hue..127 km. Today it's the Hai Van Pass…almost 500 mts.
Day 13. A possible mini-tour and then 80 km to Dong Ha town.
Day 14. Dong Ha-Dong Hoi. 90 km.
Day 15. Dong Hoi-Rolling Stone hotel.87 km…small pass on the way.
Day 16. Rolling Stone-Vinh.110 km..one ferry crossing today.
Day 17. Vinh-Thanh Hoa.145 km.
Day 18. Thanh Hoa-Ninh Binh.60 km.Great day to look around Ninh Binh…small and very much country-
Day 19. Ninh-Binh-Hanoi:110 km…last day on tour…..welcome to Hanoi.
Day 20. Optional tours to Halong Bay or a much needed rest.
Day 21. Depart for home….These are the 21 days of the tour that this group of about 10 people will take, 
can you see yourself in Vietnam with a great bunch of people doing South to North and enjoying
every minute of it with great food along the way? In fact, this should be called a Cycling-Cuisine- 
Culture Tour.

Here is an extract from Mary Ryan's diary

vietnam cycling"Living in the Western World one can not comprend the culture here , but the more one is here one begins to feel Are we missing The Point back Home. One has to see the traffic here to believe it. One thinks it is Chaotic but I am beginning to think it is more civisilized than ours. There are not many cars. but Lorries. Ther is a big Curtesy with the lorries and the motorbikes and cycles. One thinks at first it is road rage, but they are blowing theirhorns to warn each other I did not mention Brendan yet. He is really nice to have in in the group as indeed is everyone think we are beginning to gel together as a group. this was our day off and we were really high. I hope it keeps that way.

The Leader of the group is Steve Kinlough. He can't do enough for us. He is a real Dub like myself. Nga does back up and the video we have Mr, Nga and Miss Nga, She is really beautiful and so helpful, She is cycling part of the way. Liz and I are teaching her the tricks of the trade.Huie is a little dor, he has never cycled before, Liz and I cant believe this as he is flying. He notices!S everything but is very quiet, he is beginning to come out of himself. I am now going back to the hotel for dinner. I will talk later."As you can see a great success and wonderful eye-opener for all participants and especially for Mary who was highly perceptive of the rich culture of Vietnam aqnd who appreciated it very much. Right, you see the group at the Christine Noble Foundation or Mama Tina's as it is better known. This was at the very start of their amazing cycling tour.

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