Hill Tribes Tours.... Vietnam's Ethnic Minorities

There are an amazing 7 million ethnic people in Vietnam, these people are some of the most unusual, extraordinary and unique people that you could ever possibly meet, they are rich in customs, beliefs, superstitions and musical heritage. Add to this, that they have Matriarchal and Patriarchal systems and systems in which both partners are on an equal footing, that they have different names in the different areas that they occupy, that they come from a whole string of different people and backgrounds that they have many languages and different types of the same language, and what do you have? The Vietnamese Ethnics. This makes Vietnam a culturally rich and diverse and amazingly interesting country to visit.   
  Many of these wonderful people live in the Northern Hills above Hanoi and close to the borders of China, some live in the Central Highlands area and the Khmer and others can be found along the Mekong and even in the major cities. Most have held on to their unique identities like they have clung on to the foothills of North Vietnam. 


Some have grown steadily in  number while others are on the brink of extinction. Some are dressed in black, some in all the colors of the rainbow, and like walking rainbows they are a sight to behold. Some have been in Vietnam for thousands of years some are recent arrivals. Some are outgoing and will talk to anyone, some are humble and shy and try to avoid the camera lens. Some are down almost in the lowlands of the North, some are way up in the highest places in the north, which denotes that they are late arrivals. Some live stable lives and stay in one place others are real nomads and move from place to place. Some live in stilted houses others in mud houses. Some have long pointed noses some have a flatter type of face. The north is teeming with many of these Ethnic tribes and hopefully they will be a sight to behold for many years, if you are traveling in the North please don't offer these Ethnic people money for being allowed to take their photograph, otherwise you will upset the balance of things in this area and among these communities who live in almost perfect harmony with their surroundings. When taking photographs of these people please show respect and do not push the camera under their noses and start shooting, this can often lead to confrontations. In the popular places especially, such as Sa Pa, it can become a circus with tourists chasing Ethnics out of town to get a photograph. This is totally wrong. So please use your discretion. We have a variety of new walks and hikes that will introduce these people to you, check them out!
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