honeymoonThis year more honeymooners are heading towards Vietnam than at any time in our history, why? Partly because of the surroundings, partly because of the people, and probably because there aren't many places that can offer that perfect setting for such an important event.

Let us arrange a great honeymoon for you in Vietnam, the most unforgettable places, with everything that your heart desires. We, at Orient Tours, never actually started out with honeymoons in our package, but we have had so many requests from couples from as far afield as Finland and even Mexico, that we just had to start a honeymoon programme, now almost 5% of our requests are for honeymoons.

A beautiful bungalow with the sea at your door and an ivory-white beach that runs as far as your eyes can see. We will pick you up at the airport, drop you off at Paradise, and will not see you again till the end of a perfect honeymoon. If you're an old-fashioned romantic and believe that a honeymoon should be tranquil and amazing, contact us. If you want two weeks to last a lifetime in your memory, you're in good hands.

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