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For a Front-Seat View of Vietnam Orient-Tours.

Welcome To Orient Tours

We can offer you the very best trips to Vietnam


We started up in 1992, and have a lot of experience behind us. We like to take clients off the beaten track instead of the usual, uniform package that everyone else offers. We try to offer you a front seat in viewing everyday life here in Vietnam, so you can enjoy the many minor wonders that you'll experience along the way. We speak English, Dutch, German and French

Our clients come from a wide range of countries including: Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Austria and even China. Our clients are just as colourful in origin as the people and places we visit here in Vietnam. We have numerous programmes that will suit everyone, whether you want to explore deep into the Mekong Delta, do the Highlights of Vietnam Tour or even take a tour of Vietnam's best beaches, we have the know-how to ensure you have a perfect holiday, join us and discover Vietnam and its people. We don't show the complete programmes on our website because of the amount of companies that copy us, we therefore, give you a short preview of the general style of the tour. When you contact us we will send you a complete programme with all stops, hotels, beaches, resorts etc.

Our speciality is fitting the tour to your style, for example; we have had photographers who wanted to rise early and who wanted a guide outside the hotel ready and waiting to drive to whatever place they required. We were asked by a Dutch person if it was possible to bring her to a Vietnamese bakery in Hanoi to see how they make their famous rolls. This is what we excel at; whatever you would like we will do our very best to provide. Even when there are individual tastes within the same group, let us know on time what you'd like and we'll let you know if it's possible.

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