Motor Bikes

Go deep into the Mekong Delta area and discover routes and villages that many tourists only dream of. Orient Tours is your address for a great experience; grab a bike (motorbike of course) and hit the Central Highlands, cruise the highways and byways of Vietnam, check out the whole country on your bike.

bikeWe will organise motorbikes for you or your group and supply you with a guide to tackle the furthest and most interesting places that this country has to offer. We also have contact points all over the country just in case.....................But at Orient Tours that's never a problem, we are a 24-hour service that will never leave you stranded. Just what you need when you come to Vietnam for the first time.

Now to be honest, you won't find Silverwings, Harleys, or any major fancy bikes, what we can offer you is 250cc Japanese-made motorbikes that are reliable and great for getting you off the beaten track and on to the rough trails that criss-cross Vietnam, leaving all the tourists behind, if you want budget travel with stop-overs in straight-forward hotels, we'll arrange it. If you want a bungalow along some silvery beach just to chill out and do some major discoveries, again you're at the right address. Let us know what your plans are, we're here to make sure the trip matches the person, we'll do all we can to ensure that you have a really smooth ride. Contact us with your questions. Mui Ne Beach, located close to Phan Thiet City, is fast becoming a recognized and desirable tourist destination for the world.

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