Cat Ba Island


150 km east of Hanoi. Cat Ba National Park can be found on Cat Ba Island. It is a mixture of a marine park and a forest. It spreads for almost 200 km and is a dream for every nature lover.
It houses hundreds of different species of plant as well as a spectacular collection of animals. The marine reserves are also famous for its great assortiment of life, such as dolphins, turtle, oysters and many other species unknown to Europeans. 
Sapa is a great place for nature lovers to visit, and if you arrive around April you will find many wild flowers in bloom. You will also find all kinds of tropical fruits growing here as well as many other 'household European fruits'. Fansipan Mountain is also worth a climb or at least a good hike into the foothills will be more than rewarding. 

The Forests of Xeo Quyt

This is an area that used to be submerged here in the Dong Thap Province, it was also a place that was used regularly by revolutionaries during the American War, there are over 20 ha. of cajeput forest here, it is a a site that is really worth a visit, a beautiful nature area. If you visit during the wet season you will be guided by boat by a lady clad in black, like the revolutionaries during the war. The environment gives you the feeling that you are in the midst of pure nature, with bird calls echoing throughout the forest. The boat ride is quite a delight to watch the skills of the guide as she manouvres her boat in and out of the tree-covered area. This place is attracting more and more visitors every year and is truly a very unusual place to visit. Your senses will immediately be prickled by all types of scents and smells; the sweet smell of the cajeput flowers. Don't let the jumping fish frighten you. The forest will remind you of a great painting spread out before you, plants turn on and off with the sunlight playing on them, a remarkable spectacle! The estuary of the Mekong Delta is a nature lovers' paradise with thousands of ha. of cajeput forest, which prevents the briny water from reaching further inland and controls the level of humidity in the atmospere here. It served as a nest of rebellion during the war offering cover for the liberation army. The forests offer home and sanctuary for a great number of birds and wild animals. Try to be as careful as possible with waste and plastic in this area when visiting. 

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary

you can find this place about 5 kilometres from Bac lieu,a fine nature visit, and a great spot for bird watching, you'll find birds all over this place. Huge amounts of eggs can be seen on the ground, ready to hatch. Birds are at their best here in the months between May and October.  

Lai Thieu Fruit Gardens

Situated only about 20 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cau Ngan Tourist Area covers 1,000 ha including An Son, An Thanh, Binh Nham, and Hung Dinh villages. This area has become a green tourist site suitable for all, the fruit trees are laden down with fruit of all varieties, and visitors can walk through the gardens and taste fruits straight from the trees. A great starting point for cruising along the canals. 

Tam Nong Bird Garden

This is really a treat for nature lovers, it houses the famous and almost extinct, red-headed crane. The redheaded crane has been on the critical list for some time now, and here you will find it along with another 10 or more species. A Garden visit that will remain in your memory for years to come. 

Con Dao Island

The sea contains many species of marine life, you can also find a forest here that houses many types of animals, this is situated about an hour from Vung Tau. 

The Ba Be National Park


catba national park

Northwest of Hanoi, we will visit the wonderful Cong Vien Quoc Gia Ba Be (Ba Be National Park) which houses lots of wild animals including tigers, bears, the snub-nosed monkey which is supposed to be extinct, and another 100 other species of animal. You may spend the night in the park in a Tay village. Make sure you visit the lake. Bac Thai is also a very beautiful province, the climate is tropical in the summer with an average of 28 degrees, you will find beautiful and lush palm trees growing here in abundance as well as many types of bamboo. Cao Bang Province has only been open to visitors since the 1990s and it is well worth visiting, it runs along the Chinese border and is definitely worth a visit, mountainous and with the magnificent Ban Doc waterfalls, the biggest in the country, which even attract Chinese tourists is worth checking out. The falls at An Giac also fall from an impressive 30 metres.You will find fruit orchards growing wild here and Thang Hen is a wonderful lake and a true beauty spot. 

The Cuc Phuong National Park

If there is one park that stands out above all others it must be this one, over 200 types of birds, and more than 60 species of mammal including monkey, tiger, leopard, civet cats, wild boars flying squirrels and of course, deer. Huge amounts of herbal and medicinal plants can be found here, there are also thermal springs for a healthy dip. This is definitely worth a visit. 
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