Beaches Of Vietnam


Now there are many beaches that we don't have in our programmes but which you might like to visit and which we think you should know about, some of our customers (Australian and Japanese) in the past have requested this information in order to discover places and minor treasures for themselves which we have not included in our discovery packages, due to the often primitive nature of the surroundings and accommodation.

If you are travelling to Vietnam for a Beach holiday, then you are blessed among the average person on this earth, for Vietnam offers a huge selction of beaches; some that have been long discovered, some that are still waiting for you and some that have only been found by the lucky few. What I want to do in this piece is give to you a quick insight into to the most beautiful beaches that Vietnam, especially the southern part of Vietnam, has to offer. What we'll do is we'll start at the most southerly point and work our way upwards to Nha Trang. We will start in the Gulf of Thailand, on an island where many writers have sought tranquility,the island of Phu Quoc, I'm sure a lot of them went about discovering all the beaches on this wonderful island between their writings. It is also a great island for hiking and walking, the island covers an area of approximately 1400 sq km, hikers will also find that the collection of wildlife on this island is quite interesting so, if you're coming here don't forget your binoculars. 

Now if you cross back to the mainland from Phu Quoc, which is approximately 40 km from Kien Giang, you will find a very interesting coastline, which includes the town of Ha Tien, a very charming place indeed, which has succeeded in the past few years to seduce the lucky few tourists that make it down here, although it has become better known in the past few years because of its being used as the backdrop to the film 'L'amant' which is a French film made in 1995. 
All along this coast you will find interesting spots, you will also find the 'Father and Son' rocks , these and other formations are worth the visit, especially if your visit is geared to peace and quiet. Contact Steve for more info on this area. Just off the coast here at Ha Tien, you can visit some smaller islands which offer you the possibility to go scuba diving. There is an incredible little pearly white beach on Hon Doc island, which is quite amazing. Tien Cave is also worth a visit if you're in the area, the locals say there was treasure buried here, you will find wonderful rock formations in the cave itself. 

Great Beaches


It is hard to understand why Vietnam's beaches have not been in the international spotlight a lot more than what they have been. They are as good as the best beaches in any other part of the world and offer the tourist a lot more in variety than most countries. Many of Vietnam's beaches are wonderful and almost deserted except for a few Vietnamese tourists. Some of the best beaches are hard to reach and some are almost impossible, so if you have a driver, it will often take some persuading to get close to some of these sandy jewels. The road network is quite often in such a poor state, that getting there needs determination. 

Ba Dong Beach is a good example of this type of beach, it is not the easiest to reach, but worth a visit, the French came here quite often in Colonial times. You will find 10 km of milky-white strand here. It's a fine place to get away from the hustle and bustle, but don't expect great hotels and guesthouses to be strewn along this part of the coast.

Vung Tau, which used to be a port, is a popular place for swimming and sauntering along the beaches. In the evening, it would be recommended to visit the huge Christ Statue and enjoy the views from this point.There are a number of beaches here; the Vong Nguyen Beach, Bai Dua Beach, The Bai Truoc (Front Beach) and ( Bai Sau) Back Beach and finally Dua Beach, which doesn't seem to get that many visitors. Vong Nguyen Beach is great if you like waves and surfing. Vung Tau is positioned on a small peninsula which is about 1 and ½ hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City. These beaches do not offer the cleanest bathing water and on Sunday you could find yourself between thousands of people escaping Ho Chi Minh City. Nice to visit but not meant for a serious stay. Dua Beach however, does offer the most privacy. 

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